Typical Raincouver Day







URBAN OUTFITTERS cardigan/sweater GAP vintage turtleneck sweater RIVER ISLAND boyfriend jeans TOPSHOP boots WILFRED scarf MARC JACOBS bag

Today I had an audition and of course when I have to head downtown my bus is super late and the SkyTrain is not working properly. I ended up having to take a taxi to get to my audition on time which was really annoying, AND it was raining which put me in an even worse mood. The transit system here needs to get it together, they've been having so many problems lately it's ridiculous! At least I made it to my audition on time, that's most important. I had some coffee with my mom at Faubourg and then I went home. Now I've got to finish some assignments and projects for my classes and start studying as the dreaded finals are quickly approaching. Wish me luck guys!

20 Years and More to Come




ZARA jacket&shoes H&M sweater&blouse MANGO jeans MARC JACOBS purse

If you're wondering, no, the title is not suggesting I turned 20 (although there is about 4 more months until I do. [Oh God]). On Sunday I celebrated with my parents 20 years since they moved to Canada. It was a beautiful. sunny day so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed downtown. We had lunch at a restaurant called Yew where I had the most amazing pancakes, fish&chips and vegan mousse. Yes, that's right folks, I tried something vegan. It was intriguing so I wanted to give it a try and I actually liked it! It was definitely a different taste from a rich and creamy typical mousse you would normally have but nonetheless it was still delicious. I don't think the texture is for everybody since they used a vegan-friendly chocolate. Although I don't think I'll be going vegan anytime soon, I love my meat and dairy products so I could never let that go! After the lovely lunch we went into some stores to see what was new and then headed home. Overall it was quite an enjoyable day and I wish my parents many more beautiful years in Canada! Who knows maybe they'll move somewhere else in the future.. There was a little discussion of possibly moving to Austria after they retired.. Hmmmm, I guess we'll have to wait and see what the future holds! 

I also attempted to Vlog the entire day since it was so nice out so hopefully I'll find time to edit the videos before my final exams. If not stay tuned for it so you can see the meals I had at Yew and take a look at a beautiful day in downtown Vancouver.

February/March Haul Video


Thank God it's Friday.. and Spring!


TGIF! Hope you all had a good week, I began my day with some juiced up fruits and relaxing in bed. Spring puts me in such a good mood I'm so excited for the next few months to come! I've got to say my favourite colour combo at the moment is pink and grey, I just love it. Have a good weekend everyone! xo 

Casual Geek


ZERO UV glasses OAK + FORT coat&necklaces LA NOTTE sweater TOPSHOP plaid shirt&jeans WILFRED FREE vest NIKE runners MARC JACOBS purse

I worked on Saturday and this was my outfit. Since it was raining I didn't particularly feel like dressing up too much but I wanted to wear my new glasses from ZERO UV. They have a promotion going on for signing up with them so I decided to purchase 2 pairs of glasses from them and I am so glad I did since it is difficult for me to find clear glasses that look good on me. I took a chance ordering online but it payed off I'd say. I got lots of compliments on them as well so I'm satisfied with my purchase! I have filmed a new Haul Video that should be up in the next few days, sorry for the wait!

Almost Monochrome


WILFRED blouse TALULA pants ZARA leather jacket OAK AND FORT necklaces CONVERSE sneakers MARC JACOBS bag NARS (Schiap)lipstick

I had been contemplating whether or not to get this blouse from Aritzia for a while and I finally decided to purchase it when I realized I had nothing recent from the store... and since I work there I should probably be wearing new clothing to show them off to the customers. I'm really happy I bought it, I received so many nice compliments from customers and some of the other associates so definitely money well spent. Before my shift I popped into Oak and Fort and found these really cool necklaces and they were having a sale with their jewelery so I got them. 

I would go into further detail about my new clothes but I'm saving it for a new haul video I plan to film later this week so stay tuned for that! In the mean time if you aren't already make sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and check out my videos!

Vintage Coat


VINTAGE coat ACNE blouse WILFRED trousers ZARA boots TOPSHOP hat BROWNS clutch

When I wrote this post I could have sworn I wrote a complete description and everything and saved it and then I posted it and the description disappeared... I have no idea what happened, anyways.. I had been flipping through my family photo albums and noticed my mom wearing this coat in a few of the photographs. I asked her to find it for me and thank God she was able to find it because I absolutely love this coat! I love how it has a vintage vibe with the leather and fur collar but I feel like this style of coat is actually quite popular right now. It's a really warm coat surprisingly so it's a good thing I found it now because I can wear it during these cold days.

Some Changes...


LA NOTTE beanie WILFRED FREE t-shirt CHARLES&GRACE necklace TOPMAN leather jacket HUDSON jeans TOPSHOP boots MARC JACOBS purse

Recently I've had a few changes in my life! First of all, I no longer work at Topshop anymore which I'm quite sad about. I loved working there and met so many amazing people I'm truly going to miss everyone! But I got hired at Aritzia which is pretty exciting. For those of you who might not have heard of Aritzia I highly recommend you check out their website, they have GORGEOUS clothing. I had my first shift yesterday and this is what I wore. For my first day I didn't do too bad but I still have a lot to learn. I'm hoping things will get better for me there but I'm sure once I'm settled in I'll be fine.

The second change is, as you can see, my hair is obviously shorter! No I didn't cut it... I've actually been wearing clip-in extensions for a while. Whenever someone found out I wore extensions they were always so surprised and said that they couldn't even tell (which is good, that's the whole point!). But extensions need a lot of maintaining and it's a really big hassle to clip them in every day and that means I have to style my hair so that my extensions can blend in with/match my hair. Not to mention all the headaches I would get because it's constantly pulling on your hair. SO... I decided to just stop wearing them and embrace my naturally thin and short hair... But we'll see how long that lasts since I have a crazy obsession with long thick hair. I think I just need to figure out how to make my short hair look good and experiment with some hairstyles and hopefully I'll like my natural hair.  What better way to start embracing my short hair then for my first shift at my new job!

ARITZIA WEBSITE: http://aritzia.com/