The Past Week On Instagram


 I have had quite an exciting past few weeks. I filmed a promo shoot for a movie called Haxan that a director is currently writing a script for! The director was Davyde Wachell and the producer was Uwe Rafael Braun. My friend and I played the two witches who were walking around in the woods doing witch craft and chants. It was a lot of fun to film and I think the entire promo is going to look really good!! Davyde sent us a promo shot and and a gif he made from the shoot and as you can see it already looks sick. Can't wait to see the entire thing. Please make sure you check out the Haxan tumblr page and follow and reblog the pictures! The blog is giving a feel for what the movie is going to look like and there will be more photos and gifs posted from the shoot!

I also did a photo shoot for the Vanstyle Summer photo shoot lookbook. The theme was a grunge/skater look and I've got to say I really enjoyed this shoot the most out of all the ones we did. Probably because I can relate most to this style as I feel my fashion sense is evolving into a more grunge/hipster look. I've got a few photos back but I'll make a post with the photos once I get them all. After the shoot we all went out to a restaurant and I had the most delicious nachos. Best way to end a long day of shooting!

If you guys have been to the mall lately you have probably noticed there are many end-of-spring sales going on in stores. I went into Zara and they also have a sale going on but... off course I didn't end up buying something that was on sale -_- This always happens to me, but I truly didn't find anything I liked! Instead I found the most amazing silver shoes and the super popular skort that everyone is raving about. I'll be posting about the skort and shoes hopefully sometime this week or next so stay tuned.

Shop My Closet!


Hey guys! So I have realized that I have waaaaaay too many clothes that I don't wear anymore that have just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I'm going to try to sell my clothes and everything that doesn't get sold is going to be given away to a charity. So if you see something you like act fast so your favorite piece doesn't get sold! More info is on my facebook page.

A side note: Please don't try adding me on Facebook because I don't add people I don't actually know just for personal reasons. You can follow the Haus of Leahh facebook page though! 


Happy shopping!

Today I Love...


Just a little compilation of my favorite images from tumblr at the moment. Kate moss is all over tumblr these days and I'm beyond obsessed with her. You can totally see why her and Naomi Campbell are one of the most popular models in the world, they know how to work the camera!

Lately I've been really into the whole grunge style and I'm seeing it all over tumblr. A few days ago I actually did a photoshoot that had a grunge theme and I'm so excited to see the results (which off course I will share with you guys once I get them!) 

One last note: I'm sure you all have already heard the song Blurred Lines and if you haven't already go watch the video!! I am crazy about this model Emily Ratajkowski, she is insanely gorgeous and has the perfect body... Biggest girl crush ever! But I love how the models were styled in the video (well in the more conservative version at least, where they had their clothes on lol..) Especially I love these shoes that Emily is wearing. The platform is crazy high but I am in love with them!

Flower Power


TOPSHOP flower headband CLUB MONACO blouse BRANDY MELVILLE crop-top URBAN OUTFITTERS shorts JEFFREY CAMPBELL heels TOPSHOP sunglasses VINTAGE backpack ALDO body chain FOREVER 21 cross necklace

On Monday I was shooting a trailer for this movie that a director I've worked with before is in the process of writing. My friend and I had to be two witches in the woods chanting, walking around, doing 'witchy' things. It was a lot of fun and I'm excited to see how it turns out. Before the shoot, I felt that my outfit was missing something so I quickly hopped into Topshop and bought this flower headband. I'm actually really happy I bought it because I've fallen in love with it now!

 I ended up throwing together a Coachella-inspired outfit, just because I love the headband so much. I feel this is something along the lines of what I would wear to Coachella (if I ever end up going) except I would probably be wearing a kimono instead of a blouse, but this will have to do for now. Now that it's summer I'll probably be wearing this headband a lot and to work since it's from Topshop... Perfect!

You Can't Sit With Us


BRANDY MELVILLE beanie FRONT ROW SHOP dress CLUB MONACO blazer TOPSHOP heels BROWNS clutch H&M necklace

 This is the dress I ordered from and I'm so beyond happy with my purchase! Girls, definitely give this site a look because they have great pieces and the best part is.... It arrived in 2 days. No joke. AND no extra fee for shipping or anything. The dress fits me well and the quality is pretty good too so I would say money well spent! I decided to give the outfit a little more edgier look with the beanie and the hot pink blazer. I would wear this outfit to an art gallery or some sort of fashion event. Also, I love this beanie, it's so sassy and it's a quote from Mean Girls which is one of my fav movies. Love it!

You Don't Have to Use Your Charm


URBAN OUTFITTERS cardigan THE BAY blouse LOFT 82 pants TOPSHOP heels MARC JACOBS purse ZARA necklace FOREVER 21 ring ALDO silver ring

If you haven't heard of the store Loft 82 I would suggest checking them out. They have really nice, simplistic, excellent-quality clothing. I had been searching for a good pair of pants that were casual but that could be dressed up and I think these are a perfect fit. I love the detail of the draw-string and the pinched-in waist band, it's the small things that count! Also, I've got to add that these pants make my legs look longer and my butt looks booty-licious, so.. that's always a plus!

I've noticed working at Topshop that the customers are scared of combining different colors together, they think it might be too much. In some cases that might be true, but I don't think anyone should be scared to mix color, you've just got to know how to mix them in a tasteful way. I have 4 bold colors in this outfit: The top (neon green), the purse (cobalt blue), my lipstick (hot pink), and my nails (blood orange). I think the key to successfully combining different colors is carefully choosing where you place the colors. I would stick to a minimum of 2 bold colors in a larger context (the blouse and the purse) and then if I were to add more colors it would be in a smaller context (my lipstick and nails). The rest of the outfit would be paired with neutral colors so that the outfit isn't too busy or clashing. 

Once you nail the correct placement of colors in your outfits you'll be pulling together colorful outfits that are bold and stand out. Experiment with the pieces you have in your closet; try to put together pieces you would never imagine to put together and see what you can come up with. I'm always experimenting with my clothes and that's how I come up with some of my more outside-of-the-box outfits!

Bringing Back the Mom Jeans


BEBE long-sleeved shirt TOPSHOP vest AMERICAN APPAREL mom jeans JEFFREY CAMPBELL heels MARC JACOBS purse

I've been looking for mom jeans everywhere since they really seem to be making a come back. Now we're seeing lots of 90's inspired pieces making their way back into fashion, such as mom jeans, snapbacks, and even fanny packs! I found this pair at American Apparel but Topshop also has a pair of mom jeans. Unfortunately the ones from Topshop just didn't fit me well. I actually wore this outfit to work but I didn't last very long in the heels, I had to change into sandals after working for just one hour. Most of my outfits look best with heels but they're just not practical for work... I have yet to find a pair of heels that are comfy enough for work!

On another note, Topshop has been playing such great music that has been stuck in my head for the past few weeks. Here's my current favorite song played in the store: 

Royal T - Crookers

I've Got the Blues


CLUB MONACO plaid blouse TOPSHOP jeans H&M sweater/jacket JEFFREY CAMPBELL sandals MARC JACOBS purse

This is the outfit I wore to work yesterday, I was in a blue mood so I wore shades of blue. I got my sandals on sale from Holt Renfrew and I love them! They're pretty comfy which is important for work and I feel pretty bad ass with the spikes... If anyone makes me mad I could just kick them with my shoes and do some good damage ;) Please don't mind my face, I took these pictures after work and I was dead tired. Anywho, I've been quite busy with work, hence the lack of posts but I'll be posting new pics in the next few days!