Look at me now, I'm fresher then a moofoo


Sweater - H&M
Shorts - Winners
Sneakers - Serbia

Seriously, this is why I need a GOOD camera, all my pictures are shit! Ughh I really don't understand... Well anyways I love this outfit, this sweater is killer and my hair do is bumpin. I might do a gif on how to do that hair do... Perhaps... One day... I'll think about it. I've got to say that sweater is really hot though, like I die of heat every time I wear it, definitely a winter sweater! What do ya'll think?

Boredom waiting for some hoe


So I have been home for almost a week now since my trip. My vacation was very relaxing, as I have probably mentioned a thousand billion times. I got to see my cousins on the second to last day in Serbia which was really great since I didn't get to see them at all when I was there cos they were on vaca too waaah :( Next year I'll hopefully be with them on their vaca FINGERS CROSSED. As I have said before, my vaca didn't quite turn out the way we had hoped for, but it was still really great to see the family. But, I am happy to be home, you know what they say, there is no place like home. I have seen quite a few of my friends and have already made some great memories haha! My friends are actually the only reason I'm even happy to be back home, I mean home isn't so bad but friends really make it great. I still have a week left to make some more memories in the last few days of summer 2011 before school starts.

Speaking of school.... SCHOOL IS IN A WEEK. Seriously I can't believe it. It honestly feels as though it was just a few days ago that we got out for summer, like how can this be happening?! Am I being punk'd? Okay Ashton Kutcher, you can pop out now and tell me this is all joke ... This is a joke right?.... UGGGHHH! Nope :( But, if we look at it from the bright side it's senior year! OH YA BABY WOOOOOOOHHHOO !!! I'm just beyond filled with excitement and anxiety all at the same time. I'm feeling pretty anxious, kinda just wanna get this whole year over with so I can be done with highschool, FOREVER, but still it's going to be a great year. I'm probably going to start going into panic mode soon when it comes time to grad pictures, and picking out my dress, and prom, and grad, and blah! I don't even know what dress I want! I have no idea what color what style nothing! I still have a while though. Oh and another thing to be excited about is we're getting a new school. I mean when you start highschool you expect you're going to end up gradding in the same school, but nope. Not my grade. But hey, atleast we get to say we were the FIRST gradding class in the new school, I think that's sick. We got a letter from the school with a map of the new school, and it's so confusing. Seriously I think I'm going to get lost on the first day, I will break down and CRY if I get lost. Oh lordy.... But apparently our school is really pretty and it's earthquake "proof" so that's reassuring.. LOL. Curious to roam around in the new school though. In the end I know this year will kick ass either way so all I want to say is ... GRAD 2012 BABY.

OH! And I updated the look of my blog btw, dunno if ya'll noticed but yaa... I went for a more simplex look, I felt the background I had before gave me a headache every time I scrolled. I like the look of it now, it all just kind of blends together whilst at the same time floating on nothing. Let me know what you guys think :)

I'd rather die with you and I


Well as you can tell from my last post from Austria, it was GREAT. Austria is so cute, it reminded me partly of Paris and London and other parts of Europe. It's named one of the top cities to live in, and I can see why! The streets of Vienna are beautiful and so clean, and the people are so kind and the FOOD! OMG the food is amazing. If you ever get the chance to go Austria you HAVE to try their Weiner Schnitzel ( Not sure if that's how you spell it ) I had a very nice vacation in Vienna, everyone should visit it someday!

I have 3 more days untill I come home, I actually can't wait to go home. I really love Serbia but I miss all my friends at home. I didn't really get to hang out with any friends in Serbia this summer, so it wasn't as fun as I had hoped for. But seeing my friends before school starts will make my summer I'm sure :) OH GOD speaking of school.... SCHOOL !! Is in like 2 weeks... siiiiighh it feels like we JUST got out from school WHHHHHHYY :( But it's gonna be my senior year so it should be one fantastic year filled with fun and goodtimes and great grad pranks and memories. GRAD 2012 BABY!

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Austria aber ya