Family Day Lunch


On Monday it was Family Day so my parents and I went to a restaurant called Trattoria at Park Royal in West Vancouver. I enjoyed this Eggs and Benedict meal which was so delicious and after I wasn't extremely full since it was a pretty light meal overall. Unfortunately it was raining so we weren't particularly in the mood to walk around much and ended up going home after. If you guys haven't been to the Park Royal mall, I highly suggest paying a visit since they have some great stores and restaurants like ZARA, ANTHROPOLOGIE, FREE PEOPLE, FAUBOURG, and URBAN OUTFITTERS. I especially like going there because there are a lot less people as opposed to when you're downtown so I feel more relaxed when I'm shopping or just browsing.

Camel Coat



I had my eye on this camel coat from the minute it hit the URBAN OUTFITTERS rack. Unfortunately it was originally priced at $225 which, in my opinion, was a bit too much for a coat. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about splurging on statement pieces that will last you a long time, it's just I thought I could probably find a cheaper one elsewhere. Luckily, I wasn't able to find a similar one because low-and-behold, I found this beauty on sale for $99! (Okay, in all fairness my mom found it so HUGE thank you to my mommy dearest!!) I think someone probably returned the coat because it was the only one in the sale section (and luckily in my size too). The brand is Kimchi Blue but I think it's sold out on the UO website unfortunately, sorry guys!

Do you guys ever have those days where you find the most amazing piece of clothing and it's the last one left and you think to yourself, "It was meant to be"? Because that was the kind of day for me. I wasn't even originally planning to go into UO but clearly something was pulling me to go in there because I was meant to find the coat of my dreams. Huzzah!

Sunday Lunch Outfit



On Sunday I had a lovely lunch with my best friend Nicole and our friend Sabrina. The three of us haven't hung out together since the summer so it was about time we got to catch up! I recently purchased this coat from ANTHROPOLOGIE, wait for it... ON SALE. Originally it was around $240 (I can't quite remember) but I got it for $60!!!! I couldn't believe I was getting such an amazing deal from this store since they're stuff is expensive. I also walked away with a great book called "A Denim Story" for about $12-14, so I was really happy. 

I really wanted to wear my new coat and all was fine until we decided to browse around the mall for a bit. I couldn't believe how hot it was in there! In every store I was BOILING, not even exaggerating. So before you decide to wear a very warm coat make sure it's cold enough so that you won't be sweating like crazy in it!

 I apologize for the bad lighting, turns out the lighting in the mall is not very good for taking photos in. Regardless, the photos turned out great considering they were taken on my phone and Nicole was kind enough to take them for me, so THANK YOU!! XO

Rainy Day Blues


WILFRED FREE hat&sweater ACNE blouse ZARA coat AMERICAN APPAREL mom jeans ADIDAS sneakers MARC JACOBS purse

On this particular day, it was just pissing it down with rain (if you look close enough you can see the edges of my sneakers are soaked). My uncle was in town that week and this was my only day off so we decided to go downtown to do a bit of shopping... Although we didn't purchase anything, sigh. I think this is about as intricate as my layering will get, though I will keep trying! Also, may I add, I bought these jeans from the AA website during the Cyber Monday sale and got these for about $40 off. For those of you who are AA shoppers, I think you can appreciate how satisfied I was with that purchase because their stuff is bloody expensive!! They ended up being cheaper than regular priced jeans at Topshop (Their jeans are usually cheaper than AA ones)! 

I really want my hair to grow so I'm trying my best to avoid any heat on my hair that can damage it, so I put it into a low bun and threw on a hat. I really like the boy-vibe this outfit has since I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from these masculine looks. Oh, and I recently discovered tucking in your sucks into your jeans is the perfect way to stay warm without having to wear boots. Try it out!

Little Update


Hello again friends and a Happy New Year! Wowza, it's been a while since my last post. If you're wondering about my absence here's my explanation:

1) Last semester I was taking classes that really captivated my interest. When I become passionate about something it usually tends to take up all of my time, and that's exactly what happened. I decided to focus all of my energy on studying for my courses because I wanted to do well in them, especially since (finally) I was really enjoying the classes! I can proudly say I did exceedingly well, ending up with great final grades. Hopefully I'll have the same luck this semester...

2) Since I took a love for my school work my passion for this blog was put on the back-burner. I don't think people realize how much time and effort goes into maintaining a fashion blog, especially since I'm an OCD freak who has to make sure my posts are nothing less from perfection. Therefore, it was a matter of 'something's gotta give' so unfortunately I have neglected updating my blog.

3) I just absolutely hate winter so I'm rarely motivated to dress up and do my hair and makeup. Besides, even though I try really hard, I don't think I've quite mastered the art of layering. In fact, I just end up looking like a huge blob OR the concept in my head doesn't translate into real life so I just become extremely frustrated. I promise once it starts getting warmer I will be posting a lot more!!!

4) Even though I had a month off for winter break, I spent the majority of it catching up with friends, on movies, reading, etc. So unless if you guys wanted to see a post of me in my pj's, there was not much to document.

Anyways, enough of my excuses, all I hope is that you guys can understand and forgive my absence! I have made several new years resolutions for myself and one of them is to update my blog more often. Whenever you guys give me such nice comments about my blog, it not only warms my heart beyond belief, but also motivates me to keep you guys interested and satisfied with my content. I don't want you guys thinking that your support goes unappreciated because you guys have no idea how much your positivity means to me!

Here's to a brand new year, a fresh start, and so so many great things to come! XO

P.S.- Here are some photos from my Instagram since the beginning of the year. FYI for the most part my Instagram is consistently updated so make sure to follow me to stay up to date! @emilijabaranac

More Photos from my Shoot with Reema Ismail


Reema recently sent me all the photos from our shoot and here are my favorites. Again, I can't go on enough about how much I am impressed with Reema's work she is truly so talented. I'm just going to leave the photos to speak for themselves. X


Layers in the Fall


VINTAGE denim jacket LA NOTTE sweater TOPSHOP jeans ZARA boots AMERICAN APPAREL hat WILFRED scarf MARC JACOBS purse

Here's an outfit I wore a month ago but never got around to posting in time. Personally I'm a fan of denim on denim since I'm a HUGE denim fan. I'm pretty sure I wear some sort of denim every single day, not to mention I have a zillion pairs of jeans (hehe!). I wore this outfit to one of my lectures at uni and it was super comfy, which is something I opt for when I go to class. Especially if I have long classes I want to make sure I'm as comfortable as I can be! Also, I had a few layers so it was easier for me to adjust to the changing weather (one minute it's sunny the next it's raining.. you never know).

I have papers and finals coming up soon so I'm going to be a little busy bee working and studying for those in the next few weeks. However, I will try my best to post at least one or two looks each week.. Although I've been a little sick lately so I'm not even sure if I'll be going out very much but we'll see! Hope you all have a safe Black Friday shopping (which I haven't decided if I'm going to participate in yet) and a lovely weekend. Talk soon! X